Repair & Replacement Policy


Any repair work or replacement is covered by a ninety-day warranty.


All parts need to be returned for evaluation before replacement. Once a part is received, it can be fixed, repaired or changed by refurbishing at the discretion of the Alizeti service department. Only Alizeti products that were purchased in the United States and Canada can be shipped back to Alizeti.  

Alizeti Technical Support

Alizeti Ubimobil Inc 
RMA Department 
9245 Langelier 
Montreal, Quebec

Prior to being shipped, every returned Alizeti product or part needs to be approved by Alizeti's customer service department. Once approved, each box that is returned must be clearly identified with Alizeti's return number (the number must appear on the exterior of the box).

All battery returns need to follow to the recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods ("Regulations") document. Such shipping information will be provided to the Customer. Customer must ship Alizeti products in accordance with the provided Regulations and with any additional Alizeti instructions. Failure to do so could result in future shipments being refused by Alizeti. If a fine is levied due to a Customer failing to ship Alizeti Products in accordance with the Regulations or shipping instructions provided by Alizeti, the Customer will be responsible for such fine and will indemnify, defend and save harmless Alizeti in respect of any claims made or fines or penalties imposed as a result of such improper shipment by Customer.

For all Alizeti product or parts under warranty, Alizeti will cover transportation fees by UPS Ground (Standard) in both directions. In order for this transportation fee to be paid by Alizeti, Customer must ship all such Alizeti product parts under warranty using Alizeti' UPS account: Alizeti UPS account number: (82049A). For lithium batteries a special Alizeti return process will need to be followed. For all parts shipped to Alizeti by the Customer that are not covered by the warranty, the Customer will be responsible to pay for any shipping charges.

No refund will be made if a Customer uses any other shipping method, other than the method specified above. For the return of all Alizeti product or parts after repair or replacement, Alizeti will be responsible for providing any required customs paperwork. In the event that a Customer would not use it and extra cost would be charged to Alizeti, that cost will be charged to the Customer.

PROCESSING TIME: All Alizeti Product parts returned to Alizeti underwarranty will be assessed within three (3) business days. All Alizeti Product or parts returned to Alizeti not under warranty will be assessed within the next five (5) business days.