The Lightest E-bike System In Its Class

E-bike systems have typically changed the way many cyclists view the sport. This relatively new technology has leveled the playing field for those of us who may be challenged by health issues or a moderate to lower endurance. Now longer distances or hills are less of an obstacle for e-bike enthusiasts. E-bike and the electric motors that run them have empowered us with superhuman abilities as long as we don’t run out of battery power. When we do however this is where most e-bike systems fall short.

E-bikes without power assist suddenly become heavy, clunky bikes that are almost impossible to tackle hills with as the unpowered system creates additional drag for the rider and quite a challenging uphill ride.

In situations like this switching to Neutral Mode disengages the roller on the Alizeti 300C and deactivates any assistance on the fly while riding without interruptions or having to dismount the bike. This option lets you ride your Alizeti system equipped bike as you normally would without drag or additional resistance all other e-bike systems are plagued with.

The entire Alizeti 300C system only weighs about 13 pounds, so the ride is always zippy and nimble without the extra weight or drag heavier systems are plagued with. The Alizeti 300C system is the lightest e-bike conversion system on the market today. With top speeds of up to 20 Mph or (32 Km/h), you can now enjoy the ease and convenience of a full-featured e-bike without any of the extra weight.