Quick and easy installation

The Alizeti e-bike system has been designed from the ground up to be a quick and easy DIY install because we know that most of us would rather spend our time riding our bikes instead of tinkering with them. No other e-bike conversion system is as easy to install and provides as much bang for the buck and integrated features. Since no parts of your existing bike need to be changed the system can be added, removed or shared with friends or family whenever you feel the need.

The 300C e-bike system is comprised of a rack mounted motor and battery unit(s), pedal sensor, and system controller and is designed to adapt to most bikes that have frames equipped with the basic attachment points for a rear bike rack. The Alizeti user manual can be downloaded from the Alizeti website and breaks down the installation process step by step so that you have all the information required to perform a great setup.

The 4 basics steps are pretty simple and can be broken down as follows. Start by installing the Alizeti 300C rack by attaching it to the bike frame with the appropriate seat stay brackets and drop out brackets for your bike.

Next, install the pedal sensor so that the system will be able to detect your pedal strokes while you are riding and provide assistance.

Finally, attach the system controller to your bike handlebar so that you can control the assistance levels you would like to have while you are riding. Charge up the battery and you are ready to start enjoying the Alizeti 300C e-bike system to its fullest.

If you feel you don’t have the basic skills required for the installation you can always have your local bike shop or an authorized Alizeti dealer perform the setup for you. The complete list of Alizeti dealers can be found here.