How Bluetooth can make your bike smarter and extend its life cycle

E-bike enthusiasts seem to be embracing wireless technology at a swifter pace than some more traditional cyclists, but wireless Bluetooth devices designed for bikes are becoming more and more common and popular. Cyclists are adopting cycling apps such as Strava, wireless sensors, e-locks, smart helmets and even wireless gear shifters. The move towards new technology brings with it lots of advantages. Aside from not having wires to route, which can also get snagged up, wireless devices are continuing to shrink and become more streamlined and lightweight.

The Alizeti 300C e-bike conversion system utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology for some of its more discreet, built-in wireless functionality. Streaming music to the integrated speakers on the Alizeti 300C is but one such function. The Alizeti system lets you enjoy your favorite music playlist, anywhere you go while still being able to hear your surroundings and any oncoming traffic. When stopping for a brief rest, snack, or drink along the way why not tune in to your favorite podcast or local news station?

The Alizeti e-bike conversion system can also connect to the free Alizeti mobile app that allows riders to use their mobile phones as a cycling computer. Riders can keep track of information such as battery charge level, overall speed, trip distance, power consumption, cadence and more. Having this additional layer of data granularity can help riders track personal riding trends over time. Displaying all this information simultaneously on larger, high-resolution mobile phones makes it much easier to see in comparison to the tiny cycling computers most of us find more and more challenging to read as we get older.

The most important aspect of Bluetooth connectivity for Alizeti e-bike system users is upgradability. The discreet Bluetooth module tucked neatly beneath the plastic cover in the tail end of the Alizeti unit provides some important upgrade functions that will keep the e-bike system running as smoothly as it can well into the future. This upgradability is not something commonly found on e-bike systems at this price point yet provides a huge advantage to cyclists wishing to keep the bike they love to ride.

By installing this optional Bluetooth module cyclists can easily perform wireless firmware upgrades as they become available without having to visit a local bike shop. Once a software update is available, a notification will appear on the Alizeti mobile application indicating that the update is ready to be installed. A quick click on the “Install Update” button and the mobile application upgrade will give you access to the latest and greatest firmware on your e-bike system in minutes so you can enjoy any new features or functionality provided by the update.

It is amazing that such a small device can do so much to change the way we enjoy everyday cycling. Having music capabilities, data connectivity with mobile devices and the ability to perform software updates on the fly will ensure that the Alizeti e-bike conversion system is future-ready and will be able to keep up with the evolution of the cycling industry and the needs of cyclists while extending the life cycle of bikes well into the future.